Our team wears PPE simply to protect your family and to prevent us from bringing outside germs into your home, not because of the products we use.  Your health and safety, and that of our team, is our top priority

Hi, we’re Betsy Be.

Probiotic Cleaning | All-Natural Disinfection

Are you concerned with bacteria and viruses in your home or business and the dangerous and toxic chemicals used to clean them? Betsy Be is a professional, true cleaning and disinfection service for the spaces where you spend most of your time. Our all-natural treatment is safe, highly effective, and continues to work.

A new generation of clean

“As a young mother, I was concerned about bacteria, viruses, and the toxic chemicals used to remove them. I started Betsy Be to give people access to treatment that was safe, environmentally responsible, and wouldn’t harm those who are most important to them.” – Betsy Bankhurst, Founder & CEO

Traditional cleaners and disinfectants of the old generation focused on killing both good and bad bacteria from any surface. The problem we face now is that these cleaners are hazardous, ineffective, and unsustainable.

At Betsy Be, we have a method of cleaning and disinfecting for the new generation. Our team of certified professionals apply our probiotic cleaning solution, CleanBiotics, to breakdown the harmful bacteria and viruses. Probiotics are non-pathogenic (i.e., good) bacteria that colonize surfaces. In doing so, they make it difficult for dangerous pathogens (bad bacteria) to appear, offering a long-lasting clean. We also use an all-natural disinfectant that is safe, non-toxic, and renewable.


Betsy Be’s
true cleaning and disinfection

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For your home

Create a safe environment for the ones you love.

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For your business

Give your employees and coworkers peace of mind to come into the office.

Why Betsy Be?

Be Safer With Betsy Be | Mom Cleaning Crib

Be Smarter

Our probiotic cleaning solution, CleanBiotics, has many key benefits over traditional cleaning agents and disinfectants. A biological solution to a biological problem.

Betsy Be | Keep Your Family Safe

Be Safer

Betsy Be’s true cleaning and disinfection is always all-natural and never has any harsh chemicals.

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Be Healthier

Betsy Be’s true cleaning and disinfection protects your home, family, friends, office, employees, and coworkers.

Betsy Be Cleaner | Disinfecting

Be Cleaner

Our team is certified and trained to test for harmful bacteria and viruses. Leave it up to the professionals to clean and disinfect to ensure that it works.

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Key BenefitsTypical Chemical
Based Cleaners & Disinfectants
Betsy Be
Probiotic Cleaners
Continues to clean after initial applicationNo-Icon-.svgCheck-Icon.svg
Long-Lasting Surface Protection From Bacteria And VirusesNo-Icon-.svgCheck-Icon.svg
Continues Working on Dry Or Wet SurfacesNo-Icon-.svgCheck-Icon.svg
Long-Lasting Odor ProtectionNo-Icon-.svgCheck-Icon.svg
Child and Pet FriendlyNo-Icon-.svgCheck-Icon.svg
Environmentally FriendlyCheck-Icon.svg
Doesn’t Create SuperbugsNo-Icon-.svgCheck-Icon.svg


How it works

Step 1:
Schedule Your Free Demo

One of our certified professionals will come out to your home or business for a consultation. We will clean one area for free!

Step 2:
Proof in testing

We will perform a test to show the harmful bacteria count. After cleaning one of your areas for free, we will retest again to show you the results. Before your very eyes, you will see just how effective probiotics are when it comes to a deep true clean.

Step 3:
A safe, effective, and ongoing clean

Our certified cleaning professionals will provide a true cleaning and disinfection service using our CleanBiotics treatment and all-natural disinfectant. We will wipe down all high touch surfaces and fog the air.


Step 4:

Keep it clean! Our certified cleaning professionals will continue to perform our CleanBiotics treatment based on the plan of your choosing. We will even leave you with our CleanBiotics solution and provide instructions for you to use between maintenance cleans.

Proof intesting

See just how effective our probiotic cleaning solution is against harmful bacteria and viruses

initial testing | ATP meter

Initial Testing

product application | applying cleaner

Product Application

A True Clean | ATP Testing Zero

A True Clean

See foryourself

We don’t just want to tell you about it; we want toshowyou

We will clean one area of your
home or business for free*.

Schedule your FREE demonstration today!

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*Up to 250 sq. ft.

Be Smarter.

Be Safer.

Be Healthier.

Be Cleaner.

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